Sunday, 6 January 2013

SMC Christmas Scotland Meet; Highlights

Who: Phil, Chris, Celia & Simon
Miles travelled prior to oil light (after being 'tested'..apparently): 200
Base: Fort William SYHA
Weather: Warm, wet & windy!

Holiday bargain = 6p potato bag
Food type most unlikely to eat when return home = potato

Most converted food item: Yule log!

Routes completed...none.
Timetable reading error: Chris (causing 3 hr wait in Corrour station)
Ice axe arrest used in anger: Celia, on a minor gully 5 mins after finishing ice axe arrest 'training'

Yellow snow culprit = Chris
Red ice culprit = Chris

Mountain 'finds': 3 item (hex, sunglasses & snowbasket)

'Air'-time award (flying through the air): Celia, Phil came a close second in his car after a humpback in the road prior to almost heading towards a ditch

Collective time spent waiting for Phil on toilet: 20mins

Most contentious book: "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps"