Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lake district Easter meet highlights

Here's the highlights of the Lake district Easter meet:

Who: Lee, Theresa, Sam, Natalie, Celia, Rick, Simon, Bernard

Where: Raven's crag, Hellvellyn, Ambleside and the pub

What: Climbing, winter walking and freezing our arses off.

As organizer I've decided on a few Lake district meet awards....

Best route reading - Lee

Pitch one was a Vdiff , pitch two was an E1!

Best Gear - Simon

With his own brand of soft shell trousers Simon definitely deserves this one.

Best meal - Theresa and Lee

Seared sea bass, new potatoes and steamed green beans. And they cooked it themselves!

Best Anchor - Sam

An elaborate 3 point anchor is all very good - but what about that huge boulder?!

Best Photo - Natalie

There were plenty of shots of stunning landscapes - but this one just cracks me up: Link

Most confident Lead - Celia

"Oh it's so easy I'll just wander up in my B2 boots."

Most unusual lead - Rick

"Am I climbing or potholing?" Rick asks himself as he squeezes through a cave en route

Best down Jacket - I value my life so I couldn't possibly comment!

Don't forget to have a look at the photos on the facebook page....