Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lake district Easter meet highlights

Here's the highlights of the Lake district Easter meet:

Who: Lee, Theresa, Sam, Natalie, Celia, Rick, Simon, Bernard

Where: Raven's crag, Hellvellyn, Ambleside and the pub

What: Climbing, winter walking and freezing our arses off.

As organizer I've decided on a few Lake district meet awards....

Best route reading - Lee

Pitch one was a Vdiff , pitch two was an E1!

Best Gear - Simon

With his own brand of soft shell trousers Simon definitely deserves this one.

Best meal - Theresa and Lee

Seared sea bass, new potatoes and steamed green beans. And they cooked it themselves!

Best Anchor - Sam

An elaborate 3 point anchor is all very good - but what about that huge boulder?!

Best Photo - Natalie

There were plenty of shots of stunning landscapes - but this one just cracks me up: Link

Most confident Lead - Celia

"Oh it's so easy I'll just wander up in my B2 boots."

Most unusual lead - Rick

"Am I climbing or potholing?" Rick asks himself as he squeezes through a cave en route

Best down Jacket - I value my life so I couldn't possibly comment!

Don't forget to have a look at the photos on the facebook page....


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cairngorms Feb Trip Report 2013

Massively belated, however better late than never...hope you enjoy even if you weren't there.

1. Attendees
2. Irrelevant/Notable 'facts'
3. Trip 'awards'
4. Trip Quotes
5. Routes Completed
1. Attendees: Clive, Andy, Sid, Chris, Robin, Phil & 'Swear-meister' Matt (Non-member)

2. Irrelevant/Notable 'facts'
  • Possible divorces caused by the trip: x1 (Clive) - after 'Tweeting' "He couldn't imagine being anywhere better"after receiving a 'response' from his wife!
  • Time taken to cook 2 pizzas: x3.5 hours (Phil) 
  • Kit durability tests: Olympus 'Tough' - Camera dropped down Invernooky ...and retrieved! Apparently "bounces really well"!  (Clive)
  • Most kit lost on a route (4 pieces): Martin Newman 
  • Kit christened on the trip: Sam's ice screw
3. Trip 'awards'
  • 'Seamstress' Award: Clive, on sewing his gaiters
  • 'Indecisive Simon' Award: Andy (x1 day Andy 'dropped out' at departure time, Second time it was at the bottom of the climb after the walk in!)
  • 'Tea-maid/bitch' award: Martin
  • 'Head-banger' Award: Martin Newman
  • Unanimous favourite beer: Tradewinds 
4. Trip Quotes
  • "Ive got a 'Compeed' on each knee" (Martin), after talking about being tugged off by six scouts.
  • Waiting for Chris on The like.."Waiting for Tectonic plates to open"(Clive)
  • "Where is my room" (Sid after inhibiting Global Transient Amnesia)
  • "Where is my Tesco FINEST Colombian Coffee?" (Martin..having another strop. It turns out he left it on the kitchen so it was tidied away)
  • "I couldn't get over the sight of Clint Eastwood's helmet" (about Robin) 
  • "Brandy at half past 3 in the afternoon is so decadent!" (Martin on the Saturday after our final climb of the week)
5. Routes completed
^Vegetable curry (Robin)
*Martin was pulled off by six teenage venture boys against his will.
#"Ready, Steady...Opt-out" (Andy). Thurs 'opted out' upon departure time! Fri upon arriving at the bottom of the route after the 75min walk-in!
    ^ Vehicle (Fiachille) Ridge of Snechta (Clive, Martin, Andy, Chris, Sid & Matt)
    ^Central Gulley (Lead: Clive & Martin. Second: Matt) Left Central Gully {off piste!} (Lead: Andy. Second: Chris)
    ^Goat Track Gully (Lead: Clive & Martin. Second: Matt) Aladdin's Mirror (Lead: Andy. Second: Chris)
     Red Gully (Lead: Clive Second: Martin & Andy)
     #The Ventilator (Lead: Martin* & Chris)
    #The Ventilator (Lead: Clive, Chris. Seconded: Matt)
    The Runnel Grade2 (Alt Lead: Martin & Chris)
    Invernooky 3/4 (Lead: Clive. Second: Andy/Matt)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

SMC Christmas Scotland Meet; Highlights

Who: Phil, Chris, Celia & Simon
Miles travelled prior to oil light (after being 'tested'..apparently): 200
Base: Fort William SYHA
Weather: Warm, wet & windy!

Holiday bargain = 6p potato bag
Food type most unlikely to eat when return home = potato

Most converted food item: Yule log!

Routes completed...none.
Timetable reading error: Chris (causing 3 hr wait in Corrour station)
Ice axe arrest used in anger: Celia, on a minor gully 5 mins after finishing ice axe arrest 'training'

Yellow snow culprit = Chris
Red ice culprit = Chris

Mountain 'finds': 3 item (hex, sunglasses & snowbasket)

'Air'-time award (flying through the air): Celia, Phil came a close second in his car after a humpback in the road prior to almost heading towards a ditch

Collective time spent waiting for Phil on toilet: 20mins

Most contentious book: "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps"