Sunday, 20 May 2012

MTB from Ladybower

Having bought "The Good Mountain Biking Guide" I was damn well going to use it!

The route was picked for the having the most annotation, indicating the arduous/ rewarding riding for our day!

Saturday was a no-goer we realised that carrying the guidebook may have been a better option that trying the 'guess' the route..which created an arduous adventure!

After studying the route on Sunday, we headed off from Fairholmes Visitor Centre, Ladybower. The route contained some challenging and very demanding uphill sections (in the guidebook the climb from Shatton to Shatton Edge is described as "a monster"!), giving way to some excellent technical downhill trails notably along Derwent Edge (called in the guidebook "A top obstacle strewn descent) and to quarryrock-rumble trails down Pin Dale. A fine day...though must get the fitness up for next time!

Sorry about the picture...Phil got in the way! ;)

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