Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cairngorms Feb Trip Report 2013

Massively belated, however better late than never...hope you enjoy even if you weren't there.

1. Attendees
2. Irrelevant/Notable 'facts'
3. Trip 'awards'
4. Trip Quotes
5. Routes Completed
1. Attendees: Clive, Andy, Sid, Chris, Robin, Phil & 'Swear-meister' Matt (Non-member)

2. Irrelevant/Notable 'facts'
  • Possible divorces caused by the trip: x1 (Clive) - after 'Tweeting' "He couldn't imagine being anywhere better"after receiving a 'response' from his wife!
  • Time taken to cook 2 pizzas: x3.5 hours (Phil) 
  • Kit durability tests: Olympus 'Tough' - Camera dropped down Invernooky ...and retrieved! Apparently "bounces really well"!  (Clive)
  • Most kit lost on a route (4 pieces): Martin Newman 
  • Kit christened on the trip: Sam's ice screw
3. Trip 'awards'
  • 'Seamstress' Award: Clive, on sewing his gaiters
  • 'Indecisive Simon' Award: Andy (x1 day Andy 'dropped out' at departure time, Second time it was at the bottom of the climb after the walk in!)
  • 'Tea-maid/bitch' award: Martin
  • 'Head-banger' Award: Martin Newman
  • Unanimous favourite beer: Tradewinds 
4. Trip Quotes
  • "Ive got a 'Compeed' on each knee" (Martin), after talking about being tugged off by six scouts.
  • Waiting for Chris on The like.."Waiting for Tectonic plates to open"(Clive)
  • "Where is my room" (Sid after inhibiting Global Transient Amnesia)
  • "Where is my Tesco FINEST Colombian Coffee?" (Martin..having another strop. It turns out he left it on the kitchen so it was tidied away)
  • "I couldn't get over the sight of Clint Eastwood's helmet" (about Robin) 
  • "Brandy at half past 3 in the afternoon is so decadent!" (Martin on the Saturday after our final climb of the week)
5. Routes completed
^Vegetable curry (Robin)
*Martin was pulled off by six teenage venture boys against his will.
#"Ready, Steady...Opt-out" (Andy). Thurs 'opted out' upon departure time! Fri upon arriving at the bottom of the route after the 75min walk-in!
    ^ Vehicle (Fiachille) Ridge of Snechta (Clive, Martin, Andy, Chris, Sid & Matt)
    ^Central Gulley (Lead: Clive & Martin. Second: Matt) Left Central Gully {off piste!} (Lead: Andy. Second: Chris)
    ^Goat Track Gully (Lead: Clive & Martin. Second: Matt) Aladdin's Mirror (Lead: Andy. Second: Chris)
     Red Gully (Lead: Clive Second: Martin & Andy)
     #The Ventilator (Lead: Martin* & Chris)
    #The Ventilator (Lead: Clive, Chris. Seconded: Matt)
    The Runnel Grade2 (Alt Lead: Martin & Chris)
    Invernooky 3/4 (Lead: Clive. Second: Andy/Matt)

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